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#1 2017-02-10 18:01:42

Registered: 2014-07-03
Posts: 299

Slayer additions and KBD lair

Sup Slayers,

There has been an interest to have the King Black Dragon back in his Lair, so he is there now with 2 Black Dragons.

For Slayer there has been a few additions including:
When doing Slayer tasks at any level you will get random Slayer Coin drops that can be used to buy rune items!
Ogre Trader is located in Edgeville by the big statue.

While doing slayer tasks after level 30 in the skill you will obtain Slayer Orbs and you can buy items only obtainable through Slayer:
Items include Slayer top robes, bottom robes, and amulet of rage. (more coming in the future)

Enjoy the new content and more will be coming. Stay tuned and keep Slaying!

We move forward, it's the only direction god gave us.


#2 2017-02-10 18:15:53

Registered: 2017-01-30
Posts: 2

Re: Slayer additions and KBD lair

i saw you hop on for a few there steps and say something about updates! i see that things are coming along i think what you had in mind for the updates turned out great ! fixing to do some more slayer myself! i also see there are slayer robes amulets and all kinds of goodies to be earned sounds like fun to me steps! keep up the hard work its looking good !


#3 2017-02-10 18:50:13

Registered: 2017-01-30
Posts: 2

Re: Slayer additions and KBD lair

also id like to add an idea of possibly teleports to get back from wildy at like castle and what not! put a time limit on being able to use after cb or something! just a thought !


#4 2017-02-13 11:48:11

Registered: 2016-10-09
Posts: 150

Re: Slayer additions and KBD lair

There are portals nearby and if you go to lvl 19 wildy you can type ::edge or ::varrock after a 10sec stand still delay and 30sec out of combat smile

Thanks for updates steps

Always staking armour on big_smile


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