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#1 2016-10-26 14:35:01

Registered: 2014-07-03
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Triple Point Event Live and Halloween minigame start

First off the wilderness now has Triple Points Event that is now live through tomorrow around 12pm-1pm eastern.(possibly extended)
This is the perfect time to make a main and get characters ready for the halloween event that will go live most likely for the weekend into Halloween Day!
    Halloween is nearing and for the holiday we be having a minigame in the RscSlay world.

He will be having a need for skulls for his practices and will be rewarding players for helping him!
You can talk with Dimintheis now behind Edgevile bank, but once the event goes live he will have a task for you.

Other News:
RscSlay Stat Exchange timer has now been reduced requiring a 12 min wait time to alter stats and
this is reduced even further to 5 minutes for supporters.
Halloween minigame is nearing completion.
Slayer orbs and certs are no longer tradeable.
Rewards for completing tasks and drops will be altered soon. including new items to buy with orbs.

We are getting there. Focus on Greatness!

We move forward, it's the only direction god gave us.


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