We are going to have a grand re opening of the server on Friday the 13th.  I'm hoping old players come back and chip in on some drop parties on that day and through the weekend. There should be some events going on as well to get new players started. Also, we have a new client that has been released that will load much quicker than our previous one.
The more people on, the more things that will go on. This could lead to increased experience rate from the 13th through the weekend!
Starter gear, runes, rune items, skilling items, possible rare or 2
A player will be hosting events such as:
Hide n seek
Level 38 free for alls
3 boxing matches
and anything else that comes up when online.

Keep in mind we are getting started out again and are only getting better.

Let everyone know, I will be advertising as well. See you online Friday the 13th through the weekend!


We Are A Live Server Now.

Pking delays have been pretty much perfected for optimal pk experience.

We are here to give everyone the oldschool runescape classic experience you once had with small twists to make for a better experience. Making sure that items/stats aren't to hard to get, but at the same time maintaining a balance that will ensure a value in items for pking and staking. This server has a great balance for skillers, pkers, and stakers alike, with development coming in the future as the server progresses.

Why RSCSlay?
1 person to manage things to avoid corruption, favors, selling items.
Our server is now hosted on a dedicated host.
Points panel to adjust character stats(attack, defense, strength) freely (points obtained by killing monsters).
Skilling is still experience based(along with prayer, ranged, magic).
Slayer skill.
Runecrafting skill.
Risk fighting.
Good experience rates for skilling and combat(depending if in wilderness).
Batched skilling.
Smithing GUI.
A server admin that cares about integrity and keep the game legit.

Returning RSCSlayers
All of the skills, items, stats that you acquired while you played will be retained.
Simply log in as normal and resume where you left off.

New RSCSlayers
Register on the forums, then go to the home page, then use the character management tab on the navigation bar.
Get the client via the game tab on the navigation bar or client download button on homepage.
Create new characters and log in to become part of the best Runescape Classic experience that is online.

Future of RSCSlay
Community is what makes our game possible. Stay active and post on the forums to suggest things or reply to topics with your opinions.
All voices will be heard to give the best possible content and ensuring RSCSlay stays number one runescape classic private server.

Thanks Everyone and lets drive RSCSlay forward!!!