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RSCSlay fans,

It is now time to introduce the new client! This will introduce a bunch of things to the RSCSlay world that will make gameplay more convenient. Additions from players requested and my original plan are now live in the game. There is always live topics in the Community Input forum where you can post your own topic or reply to others. I want to assure you that more new content will come and that players voices are heard. With that said, here is a list of things that you will see in the game now.
First we have a new noting system in the game. To be able to buy, sell, duel, risk fight, and organize items more freely you can now withdraw all items out of your bank as notes. There is a deposit All added to your bank as well. Anything in your inventory will be deposited when using this option.
Side Stat menu now has fatigue on it.
Auto screen shots has been added.
Loot Visual has been added.(allowing loot to be turned off, on, bones only, no bones).
Kills and deaths added to RSCSlay tab.
AFK timer has been set to 15 minutes, 30 minutes subscribed.
Some quest errors fixed.
Dragon Square Shield now protects you from dragon breath.
Poison antidote will now cure poison.
Falador agility shortcut added.
Sleeping text is now white.
Ignoring a person will now block all chats (regular, private, global).
Capture the Flag objects are added. We can now hold some CTF Events!!!

On another note, I didn't forget about all those left over skulls from the Halloween event(which was a great success). I will be holding a Lottery at a time that I will specify in the Events forums and another event for a Skull Mask! Stay tuned for further details.

There is probably some stuff that I have forgot to mention. Just log on and see for yourself that the game play is getting more convenient and fun.

Happy Slaying!

Happy Halloween !!!! Oct 31 2017

As promised there is now ways for lower levels players to collect skulls to get a gift box that has a random Halloween Rare inside!
List of monsters that will randomly drop Pumpkins and Skulls for the Quest!
Location = in the Wilderness.
Necromancers - level 34
Giants - level 37
Earth warriors - level 52
Baby Red Dragons - level 60
Ice Spiders - level 64
Nazastarool Zombie - level 83
Nazastarool Ghost - level 83
Nazastarool Skeleton - level 83
Fire Giants - level 109

Rugged Raggly has been cloned by Dimintheis performing his rituals. There is now a Rugged Raggly in the old location and now in the graveyard too!
This event boss has become more powerful and will require a little more skill to kill as he has learned some new magic and summoning.
Players will have a lot better chances of Masks dropping from him now as well, it's definitely worth it to Slay him!

Get some skulls to win a Rare Halloween item of 1 of 7 masks or a Scythe this Halloween day!
Happy Slaying.


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